Uganda Tour Adventures - Bird Watching

No other country in Africa can match Uganda’s amazing diversity of habitats and this richness is reflected in the ever-burgeoning bird list of over 1,066 species. Uganda is the richest African Birding destination, with some of East Africa’s rarest and most sought after birds.

Over half of all bird species in Africa can be found here, making it one of the richest birding destinations on the continent. Crammed into this diminutive country is an astonishingly rich diversity of habitats, from the scenic shores of Uganda’s many great lakes to the lush forests of the Albertine Rift and the banks of the mighty Nile River.

Though Uganda has only one endemic bird (Fox’s Weaver), 23 Albertine endemics occur here which are rarely observed elsewhere. These include the Handsome Francolin, Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori Nightjar, Dwarf Honeyguide, African Green Broadbill, Archer’s Robin-Chat, Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Short-tailed Warbler, Grauer’s Warbler, Collared Apalis, Regal Sunbird, Strange Weaver, Dusky Crimsonwing, and Shelley’s Crimsonwing among others.

Various locations just outside Kampala offer the opportunity to see a multitude of different species. Depending on the time available and your particular interest, walks are available in a variety of different geographical areas in and around Kampala; from Swamps to Forests to Lake Shores. The Golf Course right in the City Centre also offers an excellent bird viewing opportunity if time is short.